Asbestos Roof Sealer


Acryprime binds and seals old friable asbestos roof sheets and tiles. The primer will encapsulate harmful dust and fibers. The product is safe for use indoors and is non-hazardous.

Product Properties

  1. The product is a milky liquid which is clear when dry
  2. Can be applied by brush or spray
  3. Provides a surface seal with no material build-up
  4. pH – Alkaline
  5. Waterbased
  6. Density – 1,02 kg/m³
  7. Drying time – 4 – 8 hours at 20°C


The product has a coverage of 4 – 6 m²/L per coat


White emulsion


Non-flammable and non-toxic.

Available In:

5L, 20L