Fibre Filled Waterproof Coating


Fibrelastic is a multi-purpose acrylic based waterproofing sealer. The product is reinforced using synthetic cellulose fibres. The fibres provide the product with unique rheological properties. Fibrelastic bonds excellently to brickwork, concrete, wood, metal, asbestos, cement, tiles and roofing felt, without having to apply any primer. The product dries to give a highly flexible and elastic film that is resistant to UV.

Product Properties

  • Waterproofing Walls & Roofs
  • Strengthening Structures
  • Inhibiting Cracking
  • Excellent Adhesion to a Variety of Roof Types
  • Withstands Temperature Variations
  • Durable & Long Lasting


4 – 6 M2/l when applied at a thickness of 1mm.


Grey, White


Non-flammable and Non-toxic.

Available In:

5l, 20L