Roof Waterproofing

AR Cleaner

AR Cleaner is a multi-purpose industrial cleaner used for the cleaning of roofs, walls and driveways. The product is supplied in a concentrated form and can be diluted up to 10 times with water, depending on the severity of the area to be cleaned.

The product will effectively remove mould, algae and mildew from various surfaces.


  • Roofs – these are normally cleaned using high pressure after the cleaner has been applied. Once clean, leave to dry before applying ACRYSEAL PLUS.
    When cleaning an asbestos roof pour the AR CLEANER on the areas required to be cleaned and sweep with a soft broom. If required rinse and leave to dry before coating with ACRYPRIME. Once the primer is dry, apply 1 or 2 coats of ACRYSEAL PLUS depending on the condition of the asbestos sheets or tiles.
  • Walls – apply the cleaner to the required areas and wash using a high-pressure spray. Leave to dry completely before applying any coating.
  • Driveways – apply cleaner to the required areas and clean using a high-pressure spray. Only use the driveway once it has dried completely.

Available In:

5L, 25L