Water Repellent

Repel 349

Repel 349 is an aqueous solution of potassium siliconate. It is used on concrete, face brick, cement-based roof tiles, plastered walls, gypsum and gypsum-based fiberboards. It can be brushed, roller or sprayed onto the substrate.

Product Properties

  • Repel 349 is supplied ready to use
  • Repel 349 can be applied by brush or spray
  • More than one coat may be required depending on the porosity of the surface being treated
  • Repel 349 may cause a white deposit on coloured surfaces


  • Concrete & Brick – 3m2/l
  • Pavers & Brick face – 5m2/l




Non-flammable and non-toxic.

Available In:

5L, 25L